How to create a designer Maxi dress.

  • Take a fitted t-shirt and cut it off below the chest.  I put it on and marked it where I wanted to make the cut.
  • Measure how long you want the skirt and cut the fabric that length.
  • Sew the side seam (the chevron fabric is 58" wide so I did not cut any off).
  • Slightly gather the skirt, pin it and sew it onto the top... you do have to slightly stretch knit when sewing so that they seam does not snap if pulled.
  • Cut four 3" strips of coordinating fabric for the sash.  Sew two sets of strips together to make the sash length, then sew the two pieces together leaving about 5" in the middle to turn the sash inside out.
You now have a deisgner Maxi Dress!!
next time I will take pictures of each step of the process :)
Fabric used:
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